This article will help you to resolve any issues with the tracker. If you'd like more information on setting the tracker up, please read this article.

What to do if your steps don't appear to be syncing to your account:

To troubleshoot this, please 'forget' your tracker from your phone's bluetooth settings and switch your phone off and on again. Please then follow the steps above to pair and sync the tracker.

Please ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your device.

For those using Android devices, GPS and location permissions must also be enabled.

These can be checked by following these steps:

  • Phone settings >
  • Biometrics and Security >
  • App permissions (under privacy heading) >
  • Location >
  • Second Nature (should be on/enabled). 

Once you have downloaded the Second Nature app from either the App Store or Google Play, you can pair your activity tracker to your account by following the steps below:

  1. Select 'Go to profile' from the top righthand corner of the 'Home' page in the Second Nature app.
  2. Select 'Settings' from the top righthand corner.
  3. Go to the 'Track' section
  4. Select 'My devices'
  5. Select 'Pair new tracker'.

Your tracker is designed to automatically sync whenever you have the Second Nature app open and your Bluetooth turned on. 

It can take a couple of minutes for the tracker to sync automatically, and trying to manually sync the tracker at the same time can stop the tracker from syncing.

We would recommend opening the app and waiting a couple of minutes to see if the tracker syncs automatically before trying a manual sync.

You can also manually sync the steps from your activity tracker:

  • Go to the 'Track' page in the Second Nature app 
  • Go to 'My devices'
  • Select 'Sync tracker' 

You'll need to ensure that Apple Health/Google Fit are disconnected from your Second Nature app. If these apps are connected, step readings from Apple Health/Google Fit may sync across and override the step readings from your Second Nature activity tracker.

What to do if your steps reading is inaccurate on the tracker:

If you're experiencing any issues with the accuracy of the step count on your tracker, resetting it can be an effective way of improving it's performance.

  • Open the tracker menu by holding down the circle O button on the display
  • Tap the O button to move through the menu icons until the power (I) icon is displayed
  • Hold the O button down while the icon is selected/enlarged.
  • Once selected, tap to select 'Off' and hold down. You'll see a countdown and the tracker will switch off.
  • Turn the tracker back on by holding down the circle O button on the display

If you are still experiencing any difficulties, you can contact Customer Support via the 'Chat' page of the app by clicking 'Speak to Customer Support'.

* Please note that from October 2020, we are phasing out the Second Nature activity tracker. Unless you have been referred to the programme by your GP, the Tech package will no longer include the activity tracker and the pricing of the programme has been adjusted accordingly.

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