To pair and sync a Second Nature activity tracker to your Second Nature account, please ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your device. For those using Android devices, GPS and location permissions must also be enabled. These can be checked by following these steps: Phone settings > Biometrics and Security > App permissions (under privacy heading) > Location > Second Nature (should be on/enabled). 

Once you have downloaded  the Second Nature app from either the App Store or Google Play, you can pair your activity tracker to your account by selecting 'Go to profile' from the top righthand corner of the 'Home' page within the Second Nature app. Select 'Settings' from the top righthand corner. Go to the 'Track' section, select 'My devices' and then 'Pair new tracker'.

Your tracker is designed to automatically sync whenever you have the Second Nature app open and your Bluetooth turned on. 

You can also manually sync the steps from your activity tracker:

  • Go to the 'Track' page in the Second Nature app 
  • Go to 'My devices'
  • Select 'Sync tracker' 

It can take a couple of minutes for the tracker to sync automatically, and trying to manually sync the tracker at the same time can stop the tracker from syncing. We would recommend opening the app and waiting a couple of minutes to see if the tracker syncs automatically before trying a manual sync.

What to do if your steps don't appear to be syncing to your account:

There are a few things you can try to troubleshoot this:

  • Ensure that your device settings have been enabled correctly 
  • Ensure that the tracker is fully charged and in close proximity to your device when syncing. 
  • Is the tracker paired to another device? The tracker can sometimes struggle to sync with one device if it is paired with another device at the same time. 
  • Are you manually syncing the tracker? As the tracker is designed to automatically when the app is opened, manually syncing it can interfere with this. We recommend leaving the app open for a couple of minutes to allow the tracker to sync before manually syncing it. 
  • Ensure that Apple Health/Google Fit are disconnected from your Second Nature app. If these apps are connected, step readings from Apple Health/Google Fit may sync across and override the step readings from your Second Nature activity tracker.
  • Log out of your account and sign back in, and then follow the steps above to pair and sync the activity tracker.
  • Delete the Second Nature app from your phone and re-download it. You do not need to worry about losing any data. All your information is saved to your               account and will reappear once you re-download the app.

    If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact Customer Support via the 'Chat' page of the app by clicking 'Speak to Customer Support'.

* The activity tracker is no longer available as part of the Second Nature programme. For those who received an activity tracker in the past, this will continue to work as usual with your app.

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