To get started with a Second Nature activity tacker, follow these few steps. 

Setting up your activity tracker 

1. Charging 

Your activity tracker will either have come with a separate USB charger or the charger will be integrated within the strap of the tracker. 

If you've received a separate charger: 

Clip it to the back of the tracker and charge it overnight. 

If you did not receive a separate charger:

Please search for 'Charging your activity tracker' in the search bar for instructions on how to charge the tracker.

2. Downloading the Second Nature app

Search for 'Second Nature' in the Apple App Store or Google Play store and download the app. Log into your account using the email address and password you signed up with. 

This is how the app will be shown in the App store:

This is how the app will be shown in the Google Play store:

3. Pairing your activity tracker with the Second Nature app

  • Go to the 'Track' page in the Second Nature app
  • Go to 'My devices'
  • Select 'Pair new tracker' 

You can then follow the on-screen instructions. 

Note: For those using IOS devices, bluetooth must be enabled on the device prior to pairing the tracker.

For those using Android devices, GPS and location permissions must also be enabled. These can be checked by following these steps: Phone settings > Biometrics and Security > App permissions (under privacy heading) > Location > Second Nature (should be on/enabled). 

4. Syncing your activity tracker  

Your tracker is designed to automatically sync whenever you have the Second Nature app open and your Bluetooth turned on. 

You can also manually sync the steps from your activity tracker:

  • Go to the 'Track' page in the Second Nature app 
  • Go to 'My devices'
  • Select 'Sync tracker' 

It can take a couple of minutes for the tracker to sync automatically, and trying to manually sync the tracker at the same time can stop the tracker from syncing. We would recommend opening the app and waiting a couple of minutes to see if the tracker syncs automatically before trying a manual sync.

If you have any problems with syncing your activity tracker, you can read this article on several ways to troubleshoot this.

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