Second Nature content structure

Reset will be your first 5 days on the programme and begins from your Start date (which is always a Monday). As outlined in your handbook, it is designed to get you out of any pre-existing habits that you would like to change. It will also help you overcome unhealthy cravings or dependence on processed foods. 

After Reset, you move on to Restore. The overall advice is similar to Reset, but allows for some variation to make it more realistic to follow in the long-term. 

Restore will officially last from Day 6 of the programme to the end of the initial 12-week programme. 

After the initial 12-week programme, you will have the opportunity to sign up to our mini courses. This part of the programme focuses on keeping up with the behaviour changes you have made and how to make the programme fit in with everyday life.

Second Nature pricing and cancellation structure

Whether you are on the Tech or NoTech package the structure, payment dates and cancellation windows are the same.

Two-week risk-free trial period

From your programme start date, you enter into our two-week risk-free trial period. During this time, if you find it’s not for you, you can cancel and we’ll refund you. 

To cancel, please go to the Second Nature app >> select the Chat page >> click on 'Speak to Customer Support' >> submit your request to cancel. Our Customer Support Team will then be able to process your cancellation request.

Please note: if you are on the tech programme, you will be required to send your package back to us before your refund is processed. We will provide you with a free returns label. 

After the two-week trial period

Once you are past the two-week trial period, you enter into your full 12-week programme. During this part of the programme, you will continue to have full access to your support group and content within the app. 

Please note: once you pass the two week trial period, we will only be able to cancel your account at the end of the 12 weeks.

Cancelling at the end of the 12-week programme

If you have completed the 12-week programme and do not wish to continue with your subscription onto the 'Sustain' programme, please go to the Second Nature app >> selecting the Chat page >> Click on 'Speak to Customer Support >> and submit your request to cancel. Our Customer Support Team will then be able to process your cancellation request. Once your cancellation has been processed, this will be confirmed with you via email. 

If cancelling at the end of the 12-week programme, you will still have free access to the app so you can continue tracking your progress and access the content. However, you won't have access to your group chat anymore.

You will not be required to return any items if you have completed the 12-week programme.

Note: If you wish to save your group chat history, you can access your account through the web app and copy-paste it from the chat. Under 'Settings', you also have the option to export your data, which will contain all the message that you have sent over the course of the programme.

Cancelling after the 12-week programme

Following the 12-week programme, you are able to cancel at any point throughout the monthly subscription by going to the Second Nature app >> Settings >> Manage my account >> Cancel subscription.

If you have already paid for your current month, the team will inform you of the date until which your account will remain active. If no payment has been made for your current month, your account will be cancelled upon your request. 

Once your account has been cancelled,  you will continue to have free access to the app and the 12-week core programme content. You will lose access to all 4-week programme content.

You are not required to return any books or tech if you choose to not continue with the programme after the 12 weeks.

Pausing/freezing accounts

Due to the structure of the programme, we are unable to freeze or pause a subscription. If you are unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact Customer Support via the 'Chat' page of the app by clicking 'Speak to Customer Support' who will help manage your subscription for you.

You can also review our Terms & Conditions here

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