When using the tracker you may have seen there are some different icons available on the screen. This article explains what these additional functions are and how to use them.

Tracker functions 

The tracker comes with several functions. Due to the structure of the programme, common activity tracker functions such as heart rate monitoring, are disabled.

The green light that occasionally flashes on the back of the tracker is the tracker trying to detect heart rate. Due to the structure of the programme, the heart rate monitoring feature has been disabled. The icon may appear occasionally, usually when the tracker has been recently synced. 

To access the tracker menu hold down the circular button on the display. Tap the circular button to move through the menu icons. To select an icon, hold the circular button down while the icon is selected/enlarged. Once selected, briefly tap the circular button again to turn that option on or off, and leave the preferred setting on the display. Once the display goes black, the tracker has accepted this new setting.

On the home screen of the tracker you have the time and date, along with a small battery icon indicating the battery level and a blue chain icon indicating the tracker is paring/syncing to your Second Nature app.

The next image displays shoes and a number, this is your step tracking function, which indicates your running daily step count. This can be accessed by tapping on the home screen. 

In addition to these core functions mentioned above, there are some additional functions that you may come across whilst using your tracker. These have been listed below for your information. 

Table tennis: to measure the length of play for a table tennis game. Long press to activate and exit this function. 

Badminton: to measure the length of play for a badminton game. Long press to activate and exit this function.

Vibration on/off: if you would like to be alerted to notifications via the tracker vibrating you can turn this function on. Long press to turn on/off this function. By default vibration is set to ON.

Screen Brightness: select screen brightness level by long pressing on this icon. Then click to select your preferred brightness level, 5 being the brightest.

Time theme settings: This will change the way the time is displayed. Long press to enter the function, click to switch the interface to be set and long press to set up successfully.

Power off: this will completely turn off the activity tracker.  Long press for 3 seconds to enter Power Off mode, press the button to switch from Off to On. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 will display on the screen. To turn the tracker back on, please press and hold the circular button for 5 seconds.

Reset (circular arrow): long press to enter the reset function, switch from Off to On and the system will set the time and date of the watch to the factory settings.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact Customer Support via the 'Chat' page of the app by clicking 'Speak to Customer Support'.

* Please note that from October 2020, we are phasing out the Second Nature activity tracker. Unless you have been referred to the programme by your GP, the Tech package will no longer include the activity tracker and the pricing of the programme has been adjusted accordingly.

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