What are the courses?

Following the 12-week programme, you will have the opportunity to explore topics in more detail through a series of mini courses. These will be based on topics that we covered throughout the core programme. We’ll also be continually adding more courses with different topics for you to choose from. Each course is 4-weeks long, and you can decide in which order you would like to do them. Within each course, you will receive 3 articles a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) plus a weekly goal/challenge. 

You will also be allocated into a course specific club (e.g. the ‘exercise’ club) in the app. This is a place where you can connect with other members who are doing the same course as you. 

How can I join a course?

To join a course, you’ll need to head to the course page and select a start date. You can find the course pages in the ‘Toolbox’ section of the app.

Much like our 12-week programme, courses start every Monday. You can choose to start immediately this coming Monday or in a few weeks time - whatever suits you best. 

Can I switch course?

Once you’ve committed to starting a course, you can’t start a new one until that course is finished. We’ll remind you to pick a new course in the final week of your current course. 

If you wish to restart the course at any time, you can do this by going to the course and page and clicking 'Restart course' at the top right of the page

Can I do more than one course at a time?

No - you can only sign up to one course at a time. We recommend only doing one at a time to maintain focus and commitment. 

What happens if I’m going away on holiday?

If you know you will be away or would like to take a break from the learning courses, that’s fine! You can either select a start date for the course up to 1 month in advance, or choose not to start a course just yet.

Do the courses cost anything?

The courses are included in the monthly cost of the programme and do not cost anything extra. 

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