We offer two different pricing plans on the Second Nature programme.

Payment structures

1. Monthly payments- you can choose to make three monthly payments for the three month programme.

Payment 1: the first payment is made when you sign up to the programme and select your start date.
Payment 2: the second payment is taken in your fifth week on the programme.
Payment 3: your final subscription payment for the 12 week programme is made in the ninth week of the programme.

2. Upfront payment- alternatively, you can also pay for the programme upfront and receive a discount on the final price. The upfront cost of the No Tech programme is £110 and is £160 for the Tech Package.


No Tech package:  is £40/month for 3 months. Totalling £120 spread over 12 weeks. 

Tech package: is £60/month for 3 months. Totalling £180 spread over 12 weeks.

Sustain: after the 12 week programme is complete, your subscription will automatically roll into the Sustain programme, which is £10/month subscription on a rolling basis. 

If you decide to restart the programme after completing the 12-week programme on the Tech Package, you will pay the No Tech subscription cost of £40/month for three months. For more information about your options after the 12-week programme click here.

Failed Payments

If a subscription payment fails to go through, you will be notified by our payment system via email. To submit a new payment, please use the payment details link provided in the email. You will be redirected to fill in your new/corrected card details. The system will attempt to take the payment every 24hr after a payment has failed. 

For anymore information please email support@secondnature.io

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