To set the correct date and time on your activity tracker, you'll need to pair it to the to Second Nature app. 

Once paired to the app, the correct date and time will automatically appear on your tracker.

The time can only be displayed in 24 hour format, and the date is displayed as month/day.

Pairing your activity tracker 

You can pair your activity tracker to your account by following the steps below:

  • Select 'Go to profile' from the top righthand corner of the 'Home' page.
  • Select 'Settings' in the top righthand corner.
  • Scroll to the 'Track' section and select 'My devices' and then 'Pair new tracker'.

If you have an IOS device, please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device.

If you have an Android phone, you will need to turn on GPS on your phone and allow location permissions for the Second Nature app. 

If you keep experiencing problems, please get in touch with our Support Team: through the Second Nature app visit the 'Chat' page and select 'Speak to Customer Support'.

* Please note that from October 2020, we are phasing out the Second Nature activity tracker. Unless you have been referred to the programme by your GP, the Tech package will no longer include the activity tracker and the pricing of the programme has been adjusted accordingly.

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