Being a part of a new, large community can be daunting, and is likely to be a new experience for you all. To help with this, we've put together a few practical tips to help you reap the benefits that being a part of a community can bring, as well as a few general guidelines to ensure it remains a positive place to be.

A few tips

  • Be supportive and encourage positivity in the community.
  • Show your community that you are listening and learning.
  • Share both your achievements and your challenges; everyone here is on the same journey and can help provide support when you’re feeling down.
  • Post photos. Have you been for an epic bike ride this week? Have you tasted the world’s best halloumi salad? Share it.
  • If you feel that you can help out a peer, reach out to them and offer your experiences.
  • Keep yourself grounded. No one is perfect, and we don’t want to make anyone else feel like a failure.
  • Enjoy it! Being a part of a community is a wonderful experience, make the most of it.

A few guidelines

  • Please respect your fellow members, disrespecting fellow members is not in line with the spirit of the community, and such comments will be deleted immediately.
  • Avoid being too intrusive and asking for personal information from other members such as their current weight or weight loss progress. Individuals may openly share such information, however, it can make people feel uncomfortable if asked directly.
  • We work hard to keep the group a friendly space. If you find a post or thread inappropriate, upsetting or offensive, please report the message through the ‘report function’ or by e-mailing
  • Please remember we do not offer medical advice. For any medical concerns or individual advice, please consult your GP or health professional.
  • If you require assistance with the Second Nature technology (app, scales, activity tracker) please contact tech support through the chat section on the app or email
  • We welcome discussion and feedback, including about the Second Nature programme itself – we’re always keen to make the programme better! If you have something you’d like to tell us privately, or any questions or comments, please contact us on
  • If you no longer wish to continue your Sustain subscription, please email, your cancellation will be processed and you will be removed from the group. If you post this request on the community, the post will be removed and your cancellation it will not be processed.
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