What is Sustain?

The next chapter of your journey with Second Nature is called Sustain. The goal of any healthy lifestyle change is to sustain your positive changes in the long term.
As part of Sustain, you'll receive:

  • New and exclusive recipes
  • Access to our Sustain learning courses
  • Ongoing support from coaches and your peers within the Sustain community
  • Continued access to all other features of the app, including tracking and the food diary.

What are the Sustain courses?

On Sustain, you'll have the opportunity to explore topics that interest you in more detail through a series of Sustain courses. These are 4-week structured courses designed to expand on topics that you learnt throughout the 12-week programme. You can choose in which order you would like to do these courses. Some example topics include Exercise, Mindset and Motivation. We’ll also be continually adding more courses with different topics for you to choose from. Within each course, you'll receive 3 articles a week plus a weekly goal/challenge.

You'll also have access to a course specific club (e.g. the Exercise club) so you can chat to other members who are doing the same course as you. These clubs will be facilitated by a health coach who specialises in that area.

Can we still access the daily learning articles?

Regardless of whether you continue onto Sustain or not, you'll still have access to all the articles and app features from the 12-week programme.

Can I still track my progress?

Yes, you can continue to track your progress in the same way as before. If you have the Second Nature scales and tracker, or are using Apple Health or Google Fit, your weight and steps data will continue to sync with the app automatically. If you were adding your weight and steps in manually, you can continue to do this.

How much does Sustain cost?

There’s a small cost associated with Sustain to allow us to fund the ongoing group support. The cost is a tenth of the 3 month programme at around £2.50 per week (billed as £9.99 / month).

How do I join Sustain?

You don’t need to do anything! You'll automatically transition to Sustain.

I don’t want to continue to Sustain - what do I do?

We’re sorry to see you go! Please contact support@secondnature.io so we can process your cancellation.

Sustain community

What are the different clubs?

  • General: The General club includes the wider Second Nature community of everyone who has completed the 12-week programme. There aren’t really any rules for what you can and can’t post here - we just expect everyone to be kind, helpful and respectful of others in the community. When you first join, it would be great if you could introduce yourself to the rest of the community, we’re all very friendly! If you have any questions about your account or any technical issues with the app, scales or tracker, please contact support@secondnature.io - we’ll get back to you much quicker if you contact us directly rather than posting in the community.
  • Recipes: This is the place to share your favourite recipes and discover new ones.
  • Course clubs: When you start on a Sustain course, you’ll be added into the course club alongside others who are interested in this topic. Feel free to share your progress and ask questions about the course itself. This group will also have a health coach who is specialised in this area to support you through each course.

How do I post?

To create a post, go to a club and click 'Start a new conversation'. You can reply to other people’s posts by clicking 'Comment' on the bottom right of a post.

How do I change my notifications for Sustain posts?

You can change your notification settings for each club you are in. When you go to a club, there is a ‘Settings’ button in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can decide what kind of notifications you’d like to receive for that club.

Where do I go for technical help or customer support?

If you have any questions about your account or any technical issues with the app, scales or tracker, please contact support@secondnature.io.

Sustain courses

How can I join a course?

To join a course, you’ll need to head to the course page and select a start date. You can find the course pages in the Toolbox section of the app. Once here, select ‘Sustain courses’ and then the course that you’re interested in.

Much like our 12-week programme, courses start every Monday. You can choose to start immediately this coming Monday, or in a few weeks time - whatever suits you best.

Can I switch course?

Once you’ve committed to starting a course, you can’t start a new one until that course is finished. We’ll remind you to pick a new course in the final week of your current course.

Can I do more than one course at a time?

No - you can only sign up to one course at at time. We recommend only doing one at a time to maintain focus and commitment.

How can I join a club?

When you join a Sustain course, you’ll be automatically added into the club for that course.

What happens if I’m going away on holidays?

If you know you'll be away, or would like to take a break from the learning courses, that’s fine! You can either select a start date for the course up to 1 month in advance, or choose not to start a course and just remain in the Sustain community.

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