In this article, we’ll explain your health coach's role and how they can best support you throughout the programme.

Supporting you

Your health coach's main priority is to support you throughout your Second Nature journey. No question is too big or small to ask! We encourage you to reach out to your coach as much as you'd like 🙂

Each health coach on the programme is a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist. This means they have university accredited degrees to gain this professional title. To find out more about your health coach, click on their bio!

Regular contact

We recommend keeping in regular contact with your health coach. Even when you don't have a question to ask, your thoughts on your progress are still very important. This could open up helpful conversations around your healthy lifestyle that you may really benefit from.

Coaches get in contact with their groups every day from Monday to Friday. You'll find they tend to be online between 8am and 5pm. They’ll also contact you via the private chat channel several times throughout the core programme. Coaches receive, on average, 1-2 new groups each week. Therefore, the majority of their time is spent coaching groups and individuals through the programme.

As coaches are working with a number of individuals at the same time, we encourage you to request support, rather than patiently waiting for check-in’s from your coach. Your health coach will always aim to get back to your message within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Other areas your health coach can support you:

  • 24 hour food diary reviews in week 2 and week 7 (you can also request further food diary feedback if you’d like at other points in the programme)
  • Introductory phone calls, if you purchase one when signing up
  • Monitoring conversations within the chat channels to ensure you're in a safe and encouraging environment
  • Monitoring larger communities in the app, which you’ll have access to after the initial 12-week programme

External roles away from coaching:

  • To maintain professional titles, health coaches need to complete a certain number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours each year. We're lucky to have an amazing health coaching team who specialise in a wide range of different areas, meaning much of this CPD is achieved in-house. Areas of expertise include nutritional science, gastrointestinal health, intuitive eating, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - just to name a few! Professional development sessions are typically presented via online meetings or during face to face conference days. We really enjoy learning from each other!
  • To provide extra content and interactions for our members on the programme, our coaches also promote healthy lifestyle advice via our social media channels. To see our health coaches in action, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook by searching ‘secondnature_health’.
  • Our coaches also contribute to the creation of additional content for the programme based on feedback from our members. We’re committed to continuously improving the programme to make sure you’re getting as much out of it as possible.

Time off

Annual leave is something we encourage our health coaches to enjoy throughout the year. We want our coaches to feel energised and motivated, both inside and outside of their roles. When a coach has time off for more than 3 days, a coaching colleague will monitor your group and private chat channel.

Your health coach will also be online on Bank Holiday Mondays (excluding Christmas bank holidays) as we know it’s helpful to be able to get in touch with your coach after a weekend.

If you have any further questions about your health coach's role, please don't hesitate to contact them!

Customer support team

In addition to having access to a health coach throughout the programme, you can also contact our customer support team by clicking on the 'Speak to Tech Support' button within the app or by sending a message to

Here’s how they can help:

  • Any technology related questions or concerns, including the Second Nature app, scales, and activity tracker
  • To discuss your programme options at any stage throughout your Second Nature journey
  • To support you with your subscription in unforeseen circumstances
  • To discuss overall feedback about the programme and your experience

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