Our dietary recommendations are based on a lower-carbohydrate approach, which is classified as anywhere between 50-130g of carbohydrate per day. There's strong research to show the benefits of a lower-carbohydrate diet in reducing the risk of chronic diseases and weight management.

We've chosen to only limit higher-carbohydrate foods, which are any foods that contain greater than 15g of carbohydrate per 100g, including bread, pasta, rice, and potato.

We don't restrict all foods containing carbohydrates (including those with less than 15g of carbohydrate per 100g). For example, there's no limit on milk, yoghurt, soft cheese, and some vegetables which contain carbohydrates.

Based on our guidelines, three servings of higher-carbohydrate foods would provide approximately 45g of carbohydrate. With the addition of 15-30g of carbohydrate from the daily fruit portions and intake of other lower-carbohydrate foods, your intake will fall within the lower carbohydrate range (50-130g per day).

Our guidelines allow you the freedom to choose what suits your body best in terms of daily carbohydrate intake, whilst still allowing flexibility so this way of eating is sustainable in the long run.

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