This can be a hard craving to overcome, especially if you’re used to finishing a meal with something sweet. Firstly, we’d recommend having a glass of water or herbal tea, as often the body can mistake thirst for hunger.

Research has also shown that the best tasks to take your mind off food are cognitively challenging ones. This means going for a walk, meditation, or taking a bath may not be effective ways to distract yourself. Something that engages your brain can be a better distractor, such as sudoku puzzles, crosswords, brain training apps, chess or scrabble, calling a friend, listening to a podcast, or drawing.

If you find you’re still not satisfied (and are genuinely still craving sweetness), try a nutritious sweet option such as a small bowl of mixed berries with Greek yoghurt, or a couple of squares of >75% dark chocolate.

Make sure you take the time to really savour this and minimise distractions such as the TV. We’ll discuss challenges like this in much more depth in the Second Nature articles.

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