If you need some new ideas to help you get started with exercise, more motivation and encouragement to get moving, or support in making exercise a regular part of your routine, then this programme is for you! Our 4-week Exercise programme has been created for those who are at the stage where they're looking to set exercise goals and focus on being more active.

What will I learn?

We know from research that lack of time, motivation, energy, and confidence, are the key barriers stopping our Second Nature members from exercising regularly. So, we've designed a programme to help you break down these barriers, and achieve your exercise goals.

If time is your biggest problem, we've got many practical solutions. If body confidence stops you from working out, we'll be providing you with our top tips to feel more comfortable performing exercise.

The Exercise challenge

On this programme, we'll start by introducing an achievable Exercise challenge which will gradually increase throughout the programme. We'll also encourage you to participate in the group chat for some gentle competition and accountability from your peers.

Most importantly, we've made sure the Exercise challenge is achievable and realistic for everyone, no matter where your starting point is with exercise. Your health coach will be there to support you in finding a form of exercise to suit your ability and match the exercise challenge to your goals.

New ways to exercise

We know that the best way to make exercise a habit is to find a way to move your body that you enjoy. We also know there are many benefits that come from trying different forms of exercise. So whether you're currently walking, running, doing pilates, or none of these, we'll be encouraging you to try out something new!

Remember the term 'exercise snacking' from the Core programme? If not, don't worry. We'll refresh your memory and take a look at how to incorporate new exercise snacks into your daily routine.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has many benefits, but we know it can sound quite daunting. So, we'll be breaking HIIT down and discussing how we can all get involved, no matter our age, weight, or starting point.

Practical tips and solutions

On top of all this, we'll be sharing our ideas to help you get moving anywhere (living room, garden, or gym) and with anything (bodyweight, resistance bands, weights, or a chair). Come rain or shine, we've got you covered!

Benefits of exercise

Alongside the well-known benefits of exercise, we'll highlight some of the lesser known benefits, including its effect on our mood, memory, and energy levels.

Finally, if exercise nutrition is your interest, we'll be clarifying protein needs, fluid requirements, and how exercise influences our bone health.

How it works

When you join the Exercise programme, you’ll be placed in a new 40-person group, receive 5 brand new articles each week, and have the support of a specialised health coach.

The Exercise programme starts every Monday. This programme is included in the price of your ongoing Second Nature subscription, which is £40 / month. If you’re not ready to start straight away, you can also choose to continue your Second Nature subscription and sign up to this programme at a later date when you’re ready.

If you have any further questions about the Exercise programme, please get in touch with our customer support team through the app or by emailing support@secondnature.io.

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