1. Starving - You may feel weak, experience a headache, dizziness, and lack of concentration. Your body feels totally out of energy.
  2. Uncomfortably hungry - You feel irritable and cranky, with little energy. You may also feel nauseous.
  3. Very hungry – Your stomach feels empty, and the urge to eat is strong
  4. A little hungry - You start to think about food. Your body is giving you the signal that you might want to eat.
  5. Not full but not that hungry – Your body has had enough food to keep going and is physically and psychologically just starting to feel satisfied
  6. Satisfied and light – You're fully satisfied and full
  7. Comfortable but slightly too full - You're feeling past the point of satisfaction, yet you can still find room for a little more. Your body might say no, but your mind says yes, so you take a few more bites.
  8. Very full – Your stomach is starting to really ache. You probably know you shouldn't have had more, but it tasted so good.
  9. Too full – You now feel really uncomfortable, heavy, tired, and bloated
  10. Beyond full – You're physically miserable, don't want to or can't move, and feel like you never want to look at food again. Not a good point to reach!

Try to aim to be within the 3 - 6 range most of the time. Also remember to stay well hydrated, as often our body can mistake thirst for hunger.

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