What's the purpose of our group chat?

Research shows peer-to-peer support has a positive impact on behaviour change, emotional wellbeing, and self-confidence, and that being part of a group can steer us towards success in meeting our health goals. We know from people who've previously completed the Second Nature programme that belonging to a group like this can be hugely beneficial for support and motivation, so we’d encourage you to check-in daily, discuss your victories and challenges, post questions, and share ideas!

The health and wellbeing of everyone on our programme is our top priority. In order to provide a friendly, welcoming, and non-judgemental environment, we've created this handy guide to using group chat.

We'd love to see everyone being kind, tolerant, and respectful towards one another so that everyone feels confident to engage in the discussion.

What makes the group chat great?

Ultimately, sharing stories and connecting with others is what makes group chat such a powerful tool! You're not alone in this, so please let us know how you’re feeling and what your experiences are as we go through the programme.

As everyone's health journey is personal, we ask that any information shared is kept confidential i.e. 'what's said in group chat, stays in group chat!'

In particular, we’d love to hear about your:

  • Achievements - Take a moment to celebrate each step forward that you take. This could be a sudden mindset shift, a noticeable change in your fitness levels, or perhaps you made a healthier food choice in a previously difficult situation. There's no ‘win’ too small to celebrate!
  • Challenges - As they say, ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’. Bumps along the way are inevitable, and it’s normal to feel disappointed or overwhelmed at times. Acknowledging how you’re feeling can be a great first step towards a solution, so if you’re finding something difficult, please let us know. Others may feel the same way too and it can be comforting knowing you're not alone in your struggles. We're here to problem-solve together.
  • Ideas and advice - Let us know if you have any helpful tips or strategies for overcoming common challenges. We love resources too, so if you’ve found a great recipe, workout, or article online, feel free to share the link.
  • Photos and images - Visuals are always welcome, so whether it’s a photo of you, the view from your hike, your first savoury slice, or a positive quote, click the camera icon and upload it!

What comments should I consider carefully before posting?

We've found that certain messages can make people feel uncomfortable or reluctant to use the group chat. Please see below for suggestions on how we can keep this space friendly and useful for everyone.

  • Tech queries - Have a look at our tech FAQ page by going to 'Profile', 'Settings' and 'Read FAQ'. If your query is unanswered here, please consult our tech support team for further assistance (the 'Speak to customer support' button is at the bottom of the 'Chat' page).
  • Constructive feedback about the programme - Please share this with your health coach in the private chat channel - feedback is important to our development.
  • Personal information such as your contact details - Why not add someone from the group as a friend, so that you can share direct messages with each other privately? To do this, click on their profile picture and select 'add friend.'
  • Comments that might be perceived as criticism or judgement of others in the group - If you'd like to offer advice, please frame it in a kind, non-judgemental way to ensure everyone feels supported. Alternatively, feel free to message your health coach privately if you're concerned about another person in the group.
  • Sharing details about your business or services in a way which could be considered promotional.
  • Offensive language or images - Even when used in jest, these posts may make other people in the group feel uncomfortable.
  • Comments or images that might portray a tone of prejudice - This dialogue doesn't align with our values at Second Nature, therefore please refrain from using this language to ensure that everyone on our programme is treated with dignity and respect. This includes comments against people of a certain gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion, political, or ethical belief.

How to report inappropriate content in group chat

If you have any concerns about comments in the group chat you can speak to your health coach in private chat, or press and hold the message to report it.

Please note that we take your feedback very seriously. We'll take necessary steps, in line with our terms and conditions, to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for everyone. This can include removing anyone from the group as necessary.

Key takeaways:

  • The purpose of the group chat is to provide a welcoming, non-judgemental environment that offers motivation, encouragement and support to everyone throughout their Second Nature journey.
  • The group is a place to ask questions, share information, talk about achievements, and share challenges throughout your journey. We also love photos of food or recipes, and the occasional one of your pets too!
  • The group is a confidential space - at no time should information about others be discussed outside of the group environment unless it's with your health coach.
  • The group chat is an opportunity to be part of a supportive community working together to reach a common goal. The more you support one another the more you'll enjoy your Second Nature journey.
  • Second Nature won't tolerate any chat or messages of a prejudicial nature or that cause offence to other people on the programme.

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