There’s now lots of evidence to suggest that the cholesterol we consume in our diets (i.e. from dairy, eggs, meat etc.) doesn’t directly raise our blood cholesterol levels.

Instead, the main fat to be wary of is artificial trans-fat, which is found in highly processed and deep fried foods such as cakes, pastries, and crisps. By consuming excessive amounts of trans-fat, we're more likely to be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Second Nature nutrition recommendations encourage a balanced diet, which includes consuming a wide variety of whole foods (protein, dairy, wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats) and reducing processed foods.

By eating balanced meals, carrying out physical activity, improving your sleep, and reducing your stress, you’ll be much more likely to improve your overall health.

If you’d like to read more about the link between saturated fat and heart disease, we’d suggest our guide here.

To learn more about what cholesterol is and it's role in the body, you can watch this presentation from one of our health coach's Robbie:

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