We recommend you limit alcohol while focusing on improving your diet and lifestyle.

However, we understand there'll be times when you’d like to enjoy a drink - and that’s ok!

Here are our top tips to help you reduce your alcohol intake:

  • Set yourself a challenge to not drink alcohol during the week
  • Aim to have one to two drinks max in one sitting. If you’re at an event, alternate with water (still or sparkling) and make sure you have a balanced meal.
  • Avoid / limit beer, cider, and drinks or mixers that contain added sugar (i.e. tonic water, fruit juices, regular fizzy drinks, and energy drinks)
  • Opt for smaller glasses of wine or single spirits. Choose mixers like soda water or sparkling water with fresh lemon, lime, or cucumber, and dry wines rather than sweet wines.
  • When you do drink, have it over a relaxing meal or with friends and enjoy it, rather than mindlessly drinking while distracted in front of the TV
  • Offer to be the designated driver – a good excuse to have no alcohol at all!

We'll be covering the impacts of alcohol on your weight and health in more detail throughout the programme articles.

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