To personalise your notifications within your 12-week programme, head to the 'Settings' page within the Second Nature app.

Manage notifications

Clicking on this will take you to your device’s ‘Settings’. You can set your preferences by clicking on ‘Notifications’. For example, on an iPhone, you can turn off notifications by sliding the button next to ‘Allow Notifications’ to the left so that it is grey. You will then not receive any notifications from the Second Nature app.

Send test notification

If users don’t think you are receiving notifications, they can click this. If a green banner with ‘Test notification received!’ is displayed at the top of the app, the notifications are working. 

Weigh-in reminders

Here, you can set a reminder to weigh yourself on certain days and at a particular time (we recommend setting this reminder for the same time each weigh-in). 

You can also select ‘Turn all notifications off’ to stop weigh-in reminders. 

Once the settings have been chosen, you need to select ‘Save’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

You can enable/disable the below notification options:

Weight notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable your weight notifications. Notifications include: "You've just weighed in", "You're x% towards your goal".

Chat notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable chat notifications.

Goal notifications:  swipe the bar to green to enable goal notifications. This will enable notifications when you have reached a goal or milestone!

Reminder notifications: swipe the bar to green to enable reminder notifications. These include reminders about a new course articles being unlocked and weigh-in reminders.

Activity tab

In the bottom right corner of the app is the Activity tab. From here, you’ll be able to see notifications about group activity.

For any further queries or concerns please send a message to Customer Support via the app ('Chat' >> 'Speak to Customer Support').

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