Forming healthy habits is the key to making long term lifestyle changes. The habit tracking function allows you to set your own habits and to track your progress as you solidify new habits. 

Habits can be set for a range of lifestyle aspects (e.g. exercise, nutrition, mindset, stress, sleep).

Setting a new habit 

To set a new habit, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the 'Home' page in the mobile app
  • Select 'Set new habit' on the right below 'Go to profile'
  • Select the blue arrow to the right of your chosen habit
  • Customise the habit e.g. for 'Drink water', choose how many glasse to drink each day
  • Select the days that you wish to complete the habit. The days highlighted in purple are days the habit will appear on your 'Home' page
  • If you'd like a reminder to complete the habit, toggle on 'Remind me to do this'
  • Fill in the ‘What will trigger you to do this?' text field
  • Select ‘Set habit’ 

Once created, the habit will appear on your homepage on the days you've chosen to complete the habit.

You can also create your own personalised habits, if they are not already listed on the app. To do this, please select 'Set new habit', scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Write your own habit'.

Ticking off a habit

Once you have completed a habit for a particular day, you can tick it off by pressing the circular icon to the left of the habit. 

If you forget to tick off any habits, you can go back and tick them off retrospectively by using the calendar view at the top of the home page. Select the date that you wish to tick off habits, and then click on the circular icon to the left of the habit. 

The colour of the line underneath the date will indicate whether the habits have been ticked off or not (green = all completed, orange = some have not yet been completed, red = no habits have been completed).

Habit progress

To track your progress for a particular habit, click on the blue arrow to the right of the habit. 

You can rate how you are finding the habit by dragging the progression bar to a new number and deciding which description best fits your level of mastery for the habit.

This page will also display your current progress for that habit.

Editing a habit

To edit a habit, click on the blue arrow to the right of the habit. Scroll down and select 'Edit habit'. 

Deleting a habit

If you wish to delete a habit, click on the blue arrow to the right of the habit. Select 'Delete habit'.

If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact Customer Support via the 'Chat' page of the app by clicking 'Speak to Customer Support'.

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