If you chose the Second Nature Tech programme, you'll have received a pair of wireless weighing scales. 

These will link directly to your account without you having to set them up. If they do not appear to sending your weight readings to your account straight away, please contact our Customer Support team via the app ('Chat' >> 'Speak to Customer Support) and we can ensure that the scales are linked to your account.

To make sure you're using the scales correctly, you can follow a few steps, which you can also find on the FAQ sheet that came with your HealthBox. 

STEP 1: 

Put some weight on the scales (either tap firmly or place your foot firmly on and then off again) so that the screen turns on. 

You should see:

STEP 2: 

Step off the scales and wait for the 0.0 reading to show. 

If you do not step off the scales and wait for the 0.0 reading to show, you will see the following error messages:


Step on the weighing scales to take a weight reading.

Your weight reading will then show up in your account on the Second Nature app.

If you're experiencing any problems or receiving an error message, you can find some solutions here.

You can also contact our Support Team via the app by visiting the 'Chat' page and selecting 'Speak to Customer Support'.

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