If you're starting your Second Nature journey with a family member or a friend and have opted to share your scales, this article will help you ensure the correct weight readings sync to your respective accounts.

Sharing Bodytrace scales

If you are sharing the Bodytrace scales, you will both need the scales ID updated on your account.

The scales ID can be found on the back of the scales underneath the barcode. 

To sync the scales to your account please send the scales ID to Customer Support via the app through the 'Chat' page and clicking 'Speak to Customer Support. We can then update your account!

Will I have duplicate weight readings if I am sharing scales?

If you and your family member's weight are fairly different from one another, only the weight readings closest to your last reading will sync to your account. 

If your weights are close together, both readings will sync to your accounts. To delete the incorrect reading from your account:

  • Select View all data' on the 'Track' page
  • Swipe left on the incorrect weight reading
  • Click 'Delete'.

Alternatively, you can ask the support team to unlink the scales from your accounts and enable manual weight entry. 

Sharing Second Nature Bluetooth scales

If you have Bluetooth scales you can share them with other Second Nature members. In order to sync your weight reading each time you will need to pair the scales with your Second Nature account before taking the reading.

To use the bluetooth scales, follow the below steps. You can also view our full bluetooth scales instructions here 

2a. Step on the scales.
2b. Once your weight reading has been taken, it will blink twice. Keep standing on the scales while this happens and wait until four 0 0 0’s go across the screen. This should only take 5-10 seconds.
2c. Once the zeros have passed, your weight reading will reappear. You can now step off.
2d. After the first weight reading:
 go to the ‘Track’ page in the app > Go to ‘My devices’ at the top right of the screen > select ‘Pair new scales’

  • Go to the ‘Track’ page in the app 
  • Go to ‘My devices’ at the top right of the screen
  • Select ‘Pair new scales'

Once the scales have been paired to the app, a green banner will appear at the top of your screen and your first weight reading will be synced to your account. You can view this reading on 'Track' page. 

If you have any further questions about sharing your Second Nature scales please send us a message via the app through the 'Chat' page and clicking 'Speak to Customer Support'.

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