Linking Google Fit and the Second Nature app

If you would like to use Google Fit to count your steps or track your weight, this data can also be linked to the Second Nature app.  

Note: If you're on the Tech package, your account will be set to use the steps coming from an activity tracker. To change this, your account settings will first need to be updated. Please contact Customer Support via the app ('Chat' >> 'Speak to Customer Support') and our support team can do this for you.

To make sure Google Fit is linked to the Second Nature app, please follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Track page of the app
  • Select the 'Sync' button under the graph

  • A window will pop up that prompts you to select the Google account you'd like to use to sync with Google Fit.
  • Once you've selected the account, the next window will ask you to allow Second Nature to access data from your Google Fit account. Select 'Allow' at the bottom right.

(Note: We recently rebranded from OurPath to Second Nature. In some places, you might still see the name 'OurPath' being used).

Your account will then be linked to Google Fit and your step counts and weight readings will automatically be transmitted and appear under the 'Track' section of the Second Nature app. 

Unlinking Google Fit from the Second Nature app

If you prefer to manually add your step count and weight readings into the Second Nature app, you can also make sure that Google Fit does not transmit any information to the Second Nature app: 

  • Go to your Google Fit account
  • Select 'Profile'
  • Select the 'Settings' wheel icon on the top right
  • Select 'Manage connected apps'
  • Select 'Google Fit apps and devices' from the drop-down menu
  • Select 'Second Nature' 
  • Select 'Disconnect'

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