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Stories FAQs


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What are stories?

We noticed something exciting. Second Nature members share hundreds of amazing tips, thoughts and inspirational messages in their group chats. This gave us the idea for Stories.

It’s a simple way to bring all Second Nature members closer, with the chance to share your experiences with the wider community and gain valuable insights along the way.

Second Nature will ask new questions each week to the Second Nature community. This means that anyone in Second Nature Premium can answer these questions by creating stories — regardless of where you are in your journey and what peer support group you belong to. These answers will be displayed in the form of stories in the Home screen of your app.

What questions are getting asked in Stories?

Questions will be varied and will fall into the categories of motivation, stress tips, recipes, food, emotional resilience, and losing weight.

Some examples of questions you might see:

  • What advice would you give yourself when you first started?

  • What’s one non-food related way to reward yourself?

  • What is your top tip to help you drink more water?

How are the questions chosen?

The questions are chosen together with our health coaches based on their experience with coaching the groups. Our health coaches have coached multiple peer support groups and individuals over the years, and they've acquired a brilliant knowledge of the common challenges faced when trying to change lifestyles.

What about the questions on the group chat?

The group chat will still remain the safe space to discuss with the health coaches any challenges you might face and this is a way of offering and getting support from your Second Nature community.

Creating stories

How do I post a story?

To post a story you need to be a paying Second Nature member. There are two ways to post a story:

  1. From the Today screen, scroll down to the "Add Story" button

  2. From the Story view, type your answer and once you're finished click the "Add Story" button at the bottom

Who can see my story?

We really want everyone at Second Nature to feel the love of our community so as a result, everyone with a Second Nature account can see your story. This way, everyone can benefit from your experience.

How do I edit or delete a story?

Unfortunately, we can't make the stories editable once published. In turn, you can easily delete them from the three dots at the top of your story. If you wish to re-add it, simply go back to the "Add story" button.

How can I find my story?

Tap on the story and go through the stories till you find your own. Stories are uploaded in chronological order so you will be able to find yours in the order that it got added.

Can I share stories?

Yes, you can share your own stories or those of others. The person receiving the stories will have to download the application from the App Store, create an account and they will be able to see stories for free. They won't be able to participate in adding stories, as that is a paid functionality. Sharing things from Second Nature with your network is a great help for our business and we appreciate every share.

The link to download the application is here:

Seeing other's stories

Who can create stories?

Everyone with a paying subscription to Second Nature can add stories. Watch out for some of the health coaches' answers.

How do I see other people's stories?

To see other people's stories tap on the story on the home screen and swipe right every time you want to see an answer.

A story seems inappropriate, how do I report it?

If a story content seems inappropriate or you personally feel like it shouldn't be shown to our community please report it. You can do so by tapping the three dots at the top of a story and pressing peport from the menu. A member of our team will review it and get in touch.

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