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How can I change the Weight Unit?
How can I change the Weight Unit?

How to update the weight unit in the Second Nature app to stones, kg or pounds

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You can choose your preferred weight unit from pounds (lbs), stones and pounds, or kilograms (kg). This chosen unit will then be displayed in your weight tracking page within the app.

Second Nature Scales:

These scales can only display weight in kilograms or pounds. If you've selected "stones and pounds" in the app, your weight will show on the scale in pounds and then be converted to stones and pounds within the app after syncing.

Updating the Weight unit in-app

1. Open the Second Nature app

2. From the Today screen, select the Profile icon at the top righthand corner

3. Select Settings

4. Under Tracking, select Set weight unit

5. Select your preferred weight unit: kilogram, stone, or pounds

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