Journaling is a great way to organise the thoughts in your mind, which can help you to make sense of them. Additionally, keeping track of your accomplishments and how you have overcome challenges throughout your Second Nature journey will be a powerful motivational tool for the future! 

Creating a new journal entry 

To begin a new journal entry, follow the steps below:

  • Select the 'Toolbox' icon from the bottom toolbar in the mobile app
  • Select 'Journal'
  • Select 'Start a new entry'
  • Enter the correct date and type of entry. The entry options are: Gratitude, General and Motivation.
  • You can then select the emotions you may be feeling at this time (this is optional). You can also add a photo too and write a description about what is on your mind (in order to save an entry, you need to either add a photo or write a description). 
  • Once completed, you can edit the privacy settings of each entry. The default setting is 'Group'. If you would like to change the default privacy setting, you can do so by following the instructions below:

    Go to the 'Toolbox'
    Select 'Journal'
    Select 'More' in the top righthand corner
    Select 'Privacy settings'
    Select your preferred privacy setting
  • To complete and save the journal entry, select 'Save journal entry'. 

Editing and deleting a journal entry 

You may wish to edit or delete a journal entry. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Go to the 'Toolbox'
  • Select 'Journal'
  • Select the entry you wish to edit/delete
  • You can select 'Delete entry' in the top right corner, or 'Edit entry' at the base of the screen

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