When planning your week, you'll be able to generate a shopping list from the Second Nature recipes in your week's meal plan.

You can refer to your customised shopping list when placing a food order to your home, or when shopping at the supermarket.

How to use the shopping list function:

Generate your shopping list by opening your week's meal plan in the Meal planner tool and selecting 'Shopping list' just below the date range:

The app will populate a scrollable shopping list from the Second Nature recipes you've saved in your week's meal plan:

The shopping list won't yet include ingredients from personal recipes you've added, but will include all ingredients from Second Nature recipes.

Whilst it's not yet possible to print off your shopping list, you can screenshot the list to refer to from your saved pictures in your phone, or email to yourself to print.

If you have any questions about the Shopping list function, please don't hesitate to message our support team from the 'Chat' page in-app, or email support@secondnature.io.

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