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What is True Weight?

Understanding the true weight feature

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Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day and week due to many factors, like hydration, bathroom habits, hormones, and stress. These ups and downs are normal and don't necessarily reflect your overall progress.

Focus on your "True Weight" for a clearer picture

This app feature helps you see beyond daily fluctuations by calculating a trend line, giving you a more accurate view of your weight loss journey. Even if the scale numbers seem stagnant, your "True Weight" can reveal progress you might be missing.

How to get the most out of "True Weight"

To ensure the most accurate "True Weight" calculation, weigh yourself regularly, ideally daily or a few times a week.

Understanding weight loss figures

  • With "True Weight" enabled, your weight loss figure will reflect your progress based on the trend line.

  • With "True Weight" disabled, the weight loss figure will simply show the absolute difference in your last recorded weight.

The "My True Weight" heading will always appear in the Track section (see image below), but the displayed weight loss figure will depend on whether "True Weight" is enabled or not.

To switch the 'True weight' feature on/off

  1. Open the Today tab in the Second Nature app

  2. Select the Profile icon in the top right hand corner

  3. Select Settings

  4. Scroll down to Tracking and toggle off/on Use True Weight to show progress

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